The Tournament will  use the Rules of the NAF Worldcup 2023. Of course we will only play with 4 Players


• Each team has a total of 1,150,000 gp to spend on roster creation and must hire a
minimum of 11 players. Any unspent cash at roster creation will be lost and all teams
will be considered having the same Current Team Value (CTV) for the purpose of
inducements and prayers to Nuffle.
• Cash given is also used to buy rerolls, assistant coaches, cheerleaders, apothecary
and so on.
• The World Cup is a resurrection tournament, so no SPP are gained, and injuries,
casualties or deaths do not carry on from one game to other.
• Undead, Necromantic and Nurgle teams are allowed to apply the Masters of
Undeath and Plague Ridden special rules. Players added to a team roster through a
game as a result of those special rules are removed from the roster at the end of that
• Teams will consist of a minimum of 11 players and a maximum of 16 players, including star players.
• Star players can only be induced after 11 regular players have already been rostered.
• Star players can’t be given extra skills from the team’s skill budget.
• If both opposing teams are fielding the same star player in a game, both star players are allowed to play

Teams are separated in five different tiers and offered different skill sets to choose from. Each team is permitted to stack 2 Primary Skills on a maximum of 1 player at the cost of both 1 Primary Skill and 1 Secondary Skill. If your team and skill set do not allow you to give Secondary Skills to your players, you’re not allowed to stack skills.

Tier 1

Chaos Dwarves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Lizardmen, Orcs, Undead,
Wood Elves.
A. 6 Primary Skills
B. 4 Primary Skills + 1 Secondary Skill
C. 3 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Starplayer

Tier 2

Amazon, Elven Union, High Elves, Necromantic Horror, Norse,
Skaven, Slann, Underworld Denizens.
A. 7 Primary Skills
B. 5 Primary Skills + 1 Secondary Skill
C. 4 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Starplayer

Tier 3

Black Orcs, Chaos Chosen, Imperial Nobility, Khorne, Nurgle, Tomb Kings.
A. 7 Primary Skills + 1 Secondary Skill
B. 5 Primary Skills + 2 Secondary Skills.
C. 5 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Starplayer

Tier 4

Chaos Renegades, Old World Alliance, Vampires.
A. 8 Primary Skills + 1 Secondary Skill
B. 6 Primary Skills + 2 Secondary Skills
C. 6 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Starplayer

Tier 5

Halflings, Goblins, Ogres, Snotlings.
A. 8 Primary Skills + 2 Secondary Skills
B. 6 Primary Skills + 3 Secondary Skills
C. 6 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Starplayer
D. 4 Primary Skills + Access to 2 Starplayers


0-1 Halfling Master Chef (300k, 100k for halfling teams)
0-6 Assistant coaches (10k)
0-12 Cheerleaders (10k)
0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs (50k)
0-3 Bribes 100k (Bribery & Corruption teams, 50k)
No bribes allowed if your team has one or more players with the
“Sneaky Git” Skill.
0-2 Wandering Apothecaries (100k)
0-1 Morgue Assistant (100k)
0-1 Plague Doctor (100k)
0-1 Riotous Rookies (100k)

Nothing else is allowed, be it a Blood Bowl Rulebook or Death
Zone inducement.

In case you’re considering adding a star player to your team, you
will have to follow this rules:
• You can’t hire the same star player twice in a squad. So just one Griff Oberwald, one Roxanna Darknail and so on through the teams that form a squad.
• As stated before, star players can’t be given extra skills from the team’s skill set.
• New amazon star players published in Spike 15 are not allowed in the World Cup, as there is not enough input about them right now. Amazon teams are allowed to use the same star players they had before Spike 15 was published.

Certain starplayers are so famous, glamorous or infamous that their team mates pay all their attention to them, forgetting to properly train and improve their own skills. So in case you want to hire one of them for your team, you will have to “pay” some of the skills you got on your skillset to picture this situation. If you hire one of the following starplayers, you’ll have to reduce the mentioned skills from your skillsets.


Morg’N’Thorg 3 Primary Skills
Griff Oberwald 3 Primary Skills
Deeproot Strongbranch 2 Primary Skills
Hakflem Skuttlespike 2 Primary Skills
Kreek Rustgouger 2 Primary Skills
Bomber Dribblesnot 2 Primary Skills
Wilhem Chaney 1 Primary Skills



• A Dwarf coach wants to hire Griff Oberwald. Being Tier 1, he chooses the C skill set and reduces 3 skills from it, getting 0 skills for his team (and paying Griff’s fee too, it doesn’t mean he doesn´t have to pay gp for him)

• A Goblin coach wants to hire Bomber Dribblesnot for his team. He chooses the C skill set and reduces 1 skill from it, getting 5 Primary Skills.

• A Halfling coach wants to hire Morg’N’Thorg and Griff
Oberwald for his team. He chooses the D skill set, that
allows him to have 2 star players on the team. But as that
skill set just gives him 4 primary skills, and he would have to
reduce it by 6, it’s not allowed to hire both star players



See: Games Workshop’s Teams of Legend PDF

Also See: NAF-Turnierregeln 2021

additional notifications

12+ man on the pitch: In case there will be more than 11 players on the pitch and the kickoff event has occurred the following consequences will happen: Randomly the additional players will be chosen by a d16 and that player will be removed from the pitch into the reserve box. In case this will happen in the offense of a team, that team suffers a turnover.

Raise-the-Death: Coaches of Undead and Necromantic teams may raise the dead according to CRP rules. That zombie will stay during this match and leave the team right after.

Casualties: Only Block CAS will count (also by Ball&Chain). All other Cas. By kick-off, crowd pushed, secret weapons&fouls or failed GFI won’t count

Overtime: No overtime rule will take place. If after 16 rounds the result is a draw it will also end in this result.

End up by referee: We kindly remind you to end up the games due the time schedule above. We will call the remaining time several times during the matches. There will be a timer to see online, too. In case your game is not finished in time there won’t be a possibility to finish it with extra time. In that case the referee will end the game after the actual turn of the active coach. It would be great for each team to have a Chess Clock App available on a Smartphone or Tablet. There are a lot of free options on all platforms to get such an app. If any opponent wants to use a chessclock at any time you should be fine with it. In the initial setting of the chess clock both players should be given the same amount of time. If in any trouble please come to the referees early.

Conceding a game: If you concede a game, the result will be 2:0 TD and 3:0 CAS for your opponent.

Sharing dice/Playing with the same dice: If your opponent asks you any time to share dice, both have to play the rest of the game with the same set of dice. Please decide on your own which set to choose. If you need any help please come to the referees.

It is your duty to keep up sportsmanship and run into a smooth tournament. So please look for a strict time schedule and fairness of your game as for your opponent. In case of misunderstandings don’t hesitate to call for the referee.

tournament process

You and your team take part in a series of 6 games. Parings will be determined by the swiss system except round 1 as it will be a random draw.

You and your team will be seated on numbered tables according to your tournament rank. Please show up in time and start the games right after the drawings would have been pronounced. In case you miss your opponent don’t hesitate to contact the tournament staff. We would right looks for your opponent. In case the opponent didn’t show up within 30 minutes after start of the round you receive an automatically win.

We won’t be using score cards anymore. This tournament will be environmental-friendy paper-less. The entry of the tournament data/game scores is done via the www. There are other options provided to tell us your result of course (mainly direct speech!)

We are using the following Score System:

score for teams
Teamwin 2 points
Teamdraw 1 points
Teamloss 0 points
Tiebraker 1. Head to Head
2. Sum of Individual Points*
3. Opponent Score

For Each Team-Win there will be one (1) bonus point awarded to the team.

For Single Player Ranking the system is the following:

individual coaches score
Win 2 points
Draw 1 point
Loss 0 points
Tiebreaker 1. Opponent Score
2. Net TD + Net CAS


We will award the following categories

rank team individual
Champion X X
Runner Up X ./.
Best german team that is solely from a tabletop league X ./.
Best Stunty ./. X
Most TD ./. X
Most CAS ./. X

The best individual player after 6 rounds will recieve a painted NAF-Trophy!

The best german team that consists only of people that play in a local league together will get the Best German League Title

There will be special gimmicks and maybe some side prices during the tournament.

things you should bring along

Your team must consist only of painted models. If you use different models or converted models each position should be recognizable easily. Please inform your opponent in advance of the race and the position of your players to avoid misunderstandings. For the use of the additional skills we highly recommend to use skill or base rings.

Please include 2 copies of your team roster including all skills for the 6 rounds and bring all dice and templates that you need for your team.

Please whenever possible bring your own pitches to the tournament. We have a certain stock of boads and dugouts we could provide but they won’t fit for everybody. Sadly we lost all our pitches this year due to the flooding. Our tables are large enough to fit all of the available boards out there.

fair play & golden rule

In general we call for the slogan Blood Bowl & Friends. Therefore we would like you to have a fair and friendly attitude within the tournament. The 4-minute rule won‘t be used. As mentioned above please keep the strict time schedule in mind and please involve the tournament organizers for any misunderstandings or in case of discussions.

In case of unsportsmanlike conduct (e.g. obviously delay of play, insultings, etc.) the tournament committee has the right to call several penalties (e.g. loss of points up to tournament disqualification).