German Team Bowl

The 4 Player Blood Bowl Team Tournament in Cologne, Germany 31.8./01.09.2024

GTB 2021 11.09.2021/12.09.2021

Plans for GTB 2021 are made and lets all hope we can join together at the tables in a pandemic!

Due to the nature of our world right now, please notice the following:

  • I cannot guarantee that the tournament can happen at all. We still don’t know yet how the world will be in september. I can wait till august to finalize the deals with the venue so please keep this in mind when booking in advance and have a look for the option to cancel the booking without any further costs.
  • Furthermore i cannot say how the tournament itself can be held. If i have to fulfill certain conditions there may be a smaller number of participants (which could increase the cost). I will inform the captains of the teams seperately on this.

If there are any more questions feel free to ask anytime anywhere. You know how to get to me 🙂


Update 24.06.2020 GTB 2020 verschoben

GTB 2020 is postponed to 2021 (September 11th/12th) due to Covid-restrictions

Everything else stays the same


Stay healthy!

Update 14.06.2020

We are still planning to run the tournament. I’ve sent emails to all the registered captains regarding the organisation of the tournament. Please reply until the end of june.

Update 26.04.2020

Actual Information regarding GTB 2020. It is not clear which political rules exist regarding tournaments and events in the beginning of September. i still intend to run the Tournament, but i won’t do it under any circumstances just to do a Tournament. If in September we still have to wear face masks and need to have distance from 1.5m between us a bloodbowl Tournament simply doesnt make sense at all . Like anybody else i have just wait for politics’ decision. The youth hostel is actually closed so nobody is able to helpo me from their side eiter.
Nevertheless i still have to plan that the tournament can be held regularly. So a quick last reminder for the early bird 🙂

Corona – Update, early bird ends 01.05.2020

Just a reminder that until may 1st the early bird price is available. After that date the full price has to be paid.

Right now i assume that the Tournament can be played regularly. The last date the venue can be cancelled without extra costs to me is 6 weeks before the tournament. So if Corona still doesn’t let us play i can send the paid money back to the teams at that date.

Realistically i think GTB could be the first bigger Tournament that may be available to play after the corona-crisis. Lets all hope for it!.

Until then – Keep safe and healthy!

Hello world!

Welcome to the German Team Bowl. Germanys largest Blood Bowl Team Tournament. The next tournament will be held 5th / 6th September 2020


You can already register.

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