German Team Bowl

The 4 Player Blood Bowl Team Tournament in Cologne, Germany 31.8./01.09.2024

20 Teams already registered!

As for today we have our 20th team registered, which is 80 players. Great news for the 10th iteration of our team tournament. Spread the word!!


Registration opened for GTB 2024

You can register from now on for GTB 2024.

And this year again, we do have all our rosters online to see and theorycraft. Thanks again to sann for makeing these visible!



Races in GTB 23

Dark Elf 14
Skaven 13
Orc 10
Underworld Denizens 7
Wood Elf 7
Necromantic Horror 5
Tomb Kings 4
Amazon 4
Chaos Renegade 4
Shambling Undead 4
Lizardmen 4
Chaos Dwarf 4
Dwarf 3
Halfling 3
Slann 2
Imperial Nobility 2
Norse 2
Khorne 2
Chaos Chosen 2
Elven Union 1
Black Ork 1
Snotling 1
High Elf 1
Vampire 1
Ogre 1
Old World Alliance 1
Human 1

Neue Deadline zum Anmelden

Due to planning with the youth hostel i need to change the Deadline to register to the 26th of April 2023. If in any troubles please come to me directly.

More than 20 teams already signed!

More than 80 players already signed from all over europe. Go on we will be huge in 2023!

Help wanted !

I do expect an even larger attendance than in the last years, so i would be happy to have 1-2 refs that are willing to help me out. If you are interested just contact me. We will sort out practicalities then.

Furthermore if you want to play in the tournament and don’t have a team feel free to contact me too to be put on a list of players that i can pass to teams that have one of them dropping out.


Registration opens for GTB 23

Registrations for GTB 23 are open now. Have fun building your teams!

Flooding at Cologne Main Station

Important information for those who intend to come by train. Cologne Main Station is unaccessible due to a flooding probably until Saturday. Most trains are supposed to stop in Köln-Deutz instead (opposite of the venue) but information is spread that some trains may be guided around cologne. Please check your trains (


Safe travels!

All Rosters Online

You can find all Rosters at Sann’s wonderful Tableau-Tables.

GTB Roster

Go – theorycraft 🙂



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