German Team Bowl

Das größte deutsche Bloodbowl Teamturnier in Köln, 31.08./01.09.2024

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Help wanted !

Da ich erwarte, dass es im kommenden Jahr nochmal mehr Teams werden (man weiss ja nie) würde ich 1-2 Refs benötigen.
Wenn also jemand Lust hat, nicht mitzuspielen aber ansprechbar für Fragen zu sein, gerne Info an mich. Über Kost und Logis werden wir uns schon einig.

Ebenso können Sich auch gerne Spieler bei mir melden, die kein Team haben, so dass man wie immer ggf. auffüllen kann. Das hat in den letzten Jahren ja bereits immer sehr gut geklappt.

Einfach auf den bekannten Wegen bei mir melden.

Anmeldung für den GTB 2023 ist eröffnet

Die Anmeldung für den GTB 2023 ist ab sofort möglich. Viel Spass beim Teambuilding 🙂

Probleme am Kölner Hauptbahnhof

Eine wichtige Information für diejenigen die mit dem Zug anreisen. Wegen eines Wasserschadens ist der Kölner Hauptbahnhof vermutlich bis Samstag gesperrt. Die Züge fahren aber wohl Ersatzweise bis Köln Deutz. Die Bahn sagt aber dennoch, dass einige Züge umgeleitet werden können. Falls ihr also mit dem Zug anreist schaut bitte nach Euren Verbindungen (

Gute Anreise

Alle Roster Online einsehbar

Der liebe Sann hat uns wieder alle Roster in einer wunderbaren Version online gestellt.

GTB Roster

Go – theorycraft 🙂

GTB Infomail sent

An alle Kapitäne von GTB-Teams, ich habe am Freitag eine Email verschickt. Die scheint bei einigen im Spam-Ordner gelandet zu sein. Gebt mir bitte kurz eine entsprechende Rückmeldung, dann schicke ich sie nochmal.

Hier die Infomail im Wortlaut (auf englisch) – bei Rückfragen auch bitte eine kurze Info

Dear Coaches,


GTB is coming nearer, so ist time latest news. I will completely switch to english now as we have teams attending from all over europe (spain, france, belgium, austria, bavaria…). Most of the announcements during the tournament will be done in english, too.


As we still have interest from several international teams i have increased the capacity of the event. So i booked a 2nd room in the youth hostel, GTB this year will be larger than ever.

Thank you all for your support and your help.

Of course this will lead us to play in 2 rooms. I changed the timetable a tiny bit just to get you a little more time in between the matches, we will have a bit of flexibility regarding lunch on Sunday. I will give more info on this at the tournament itself.

As the second room does cost money (surprise) it is not possible anymore to order new boards for this years‘ gtb. So there won’t be an option to order boards for you anymore. Furthermore each team should bring at least 2 (better: more) boards to play with.

I can provide a certain amount of boards especially for those of you coming by plane and not haveing much room left in your luggage. But everybody else of you comeing by car, please bring boards with you. If you have any troubles regarding boards, please get in contact with me, so i can plan accordingly.

The booking of the 2nd room is the reason why i cannot guarantee you a refund if you drop out right now anymore. We will have to sort out that later after the tournament.


Now there are some things you need to do/ some more info for you:

a) In this mail, there is an excel-file – please fill out your rosters and all other important information until August, 15th. I will put them online again for all of you to see and check before the tournament. The Excel should check your rosters for itself. If you notice any issues or bugs please tell me 🙂 The file will probably not work with very old excel versions or open office (at least i haven’t testet it). If you have any troubles filling it, come back to me. Else if should be pretty much self-explanatory

b) I will try to organize a come together at a pub at the saturday evening again. To plan with the pub i do need a rough number of people who want to join in the pub evening. There will be local german food and drinks. Its the same pub we went the last years. So if you want to join us there i’ll need information until the 1st of August. I need the number of people joining in so if you have family with you that wants to come please think of the exact amount of people. If you don’t send info until August 1st, i cannot guarantee a place there as i will not book a table for you then. The pub really needs to know if if has to serve 50 or 100 players. they will get more waiters and kitchen stuff for us etc. Remember the pub evening is not included in the tournament. Prices are fair in the pub though.

c) As we had a team dropping out and a bit of changes of coaches, i am running low of people who can join in. So if you are dropping a player there is no option anymore that i can compensate this. I don’t want to play by myself, so i am not an option 🙂

d) For those teams who didn’t pay yet – a reminder that deadline to pay is August 1st. So please do, so i can plan accordingly. We do have space for at least 2 more teams, but i am looking to fill both spaces at once just for the sake of an easier draw. If teams havent paid until August 1st, i have to assume that they won’t come.

e) As i noticed there have been some changes in your participating coaches –  please doublecheck the website if all coach info is correct. Please enter the correct coaches in the Excel-File. If you have any changes in your lineup please send them to me by mail, too. During the tournament most of the communication (draw/tables etc.) will be done via the webpage ( – i think every team does have a mobile device with internet access with it in these days 🙂 There will be free Wifi at the youth hostel.

f) We are playing the official Eurobowl Rules, only the old Norse Team is allowed, so the excel doesnt provide the new Norse Team.

g) The bad corona word: Right now there aren’t any restrictions regarding coronavirus in germany anymore, that will affect us. This can change in autumn as we all know. If you want to play with masks that is perfectly fine. If any new regulations come that we need to take care of i will come to you as soon as possible. A reminder: Right now in public transport in germany you still have to wear a medical mask.

I assume there will be another wave of corona comeing, i don’t think that politics will prohibit the tournament but you will never know. Please book accordingly!

h) The youth hostel needs to know if there are any food restrictions for the lunch. Usually they provide a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian meal. If there are any other food restrictions please tell me until August, 1st too.


So thats all for today, i am very happy to have you all around comeing from all over europe.

As usual – if you have any problems, questions etc. contact me per mail or at the other means you have to reach me 🙂





Kapazität erweitert

Nachdem noch einige Anfragen kamen, haben wir die Kapazität des GTB vergrößert und einfach noch einen Raum hinzugebucht. Somit haben wir noch begrenzte Plätze frei. Meldet Euch an 🙂

GTB doch nicht ausgebucht :)

Der GTB ist ausgebucht. Vielen Dank für Euer Vertrauen!

Ich habe die Möglichkeit die Plätze zu erweitern. Dafür werde ich ab sofort eine Warteliste einrichten. Sobald ich 4 weitere Anmeldungen für die Warteliste habe, kann ich einen weiteren Raum dazu buchen. Also meldet Euch weiter an!!

GTB 2022 füllt sich

So langsam füllen sich die Reihen, das Turnier wird so wie es aussieht wieder größer werden. Danke schon einmal dafür. In den nächsten Wochen werde ich eine Email an die Kapitäne mit den weiteren Informationen schicken.

GTB 2022

Nach dem GTB ist vor dem GTB. In 2022 werden wir am 10. und 11. September spielen. Selbe Location, selbes Brauhaus. Alle weiteren Infos bald hier auf der Seite.


Übersicht der Teams

Mike (sann) hat eine wunderbare Tableau-Übersicht über die Teams des GTB 2021 erstellt. Hier könnt Ihr sie Euch ansehen und schonmal über Eure Gegner grübeln.



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