German Team Bowl

The 4 Player Blood Bowl Team Tournament in Cologne, Germany 31.8./01.09.2024

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Kapazität erweitert

After getting some interest, we expanded the capacity of this years’ tournament.

We do have some spots left now – so if you want to join in germanys largest blood bowl tournament – join in and register 🙂

GTB not sold out :)

GTB 2022 has been sold out. Great news – we will be the biggest GTB ever!

I have the option to expand the numbers even further. To do so from now on i will put every interested team on the waiting list. If we find 4 interested team i have the option to book another room! So if you want to join in please get in contact with me!


GTB 2022 füllt sich

GTB is filling. Thanks for your participation.

I will send an infomail to the captains in the next weeks. Stay tuned!

GTB 2022

Time after GTB is time before GTB! Next year we are playing 10th/11th September. Same venue, same pub.

More Information here on the website



Übersicht der Teams

Mike (sann) made a lovely Tableau-Analysis for the GTB 2021. You can see the teams and more following this link.



GTB sold out!

We really do have all team spots taken. 24 Teams will compete in this years largest bloodbowl tournament in germany. Who will take the win to his league? Who will be the best single player.
Time for speculation!!!

GTB will happen!!!


ITS HAPPENING. GTB will happen without major restrictions. I have the conformation from the local health authorities and the venue. All Teams can come, we can play with up to 100 people.

We do have some restrictions that will take place and everybody HAS to fulfull

  • To get access to the venue and the tournament itselt you will need a certification of either double vaccination, a proof that you have been recovered from a former covid-infection or you have to bring an actual negative test result not older than 48h from a certificated test center. These centres are in germany all around the city, you can bring one from your own country but it has to be an official one. The youth hostel may look fort he proof to let you enter the hostel. I have to look for this, too.
  • For all floors and ways inside the youth hostel there are compulsory medical facemasks (mandatory). They need to fulfull EN95 or FFP1-norm. Please bring those masks with you. Regarding masks during the tournament i will make an announcement on the 1st day of the tourrnament. We do have a terace next tot he room, if the weather is good enough to actually play outside there may be different options than if we all need to play inside
  • If anybody is not willing or not able to fulfill the current hygiene measurements the youth hostel will send him/her out oft he house and i will send him out oft he tournament. All Games will be counted as a 0:2 loss then.


I do have some interested spare players looking for a team. If you need any help to get in contact please come to me as soon as possible. I will definitely finish the deadline for teams at 01.09.2021


If you have any further questions please make contact with me at any time

Bislang sieht es gut aus

I will send an a email with Informations to all the captains tomorrow. Right now its looking good that the tournament can be held! And for all of you a little teaser!


GTB 2021 11.09.2021/12.09.2021

Plans for GTB 2021 are made and lets all hope we can join together at the tables in a pandemic!

Due to the nature of our world right now, please notice the following:

  • I cannot guarantee that the tournament can happen at all. We still don’t know yet how the world will be in september. I can wait till august to finalize the deals with the venue so please keep this in mind when booking in advance and have a look for the option to cancel the booking without any further costs.
  • Furthermore i cannot say how the tournament itself can be held. If i have to fulfill certain conditions there may be a smaller number of participants (which could increase the cost). I will inform the captains of the teams seperately on this.

If there are any more questions feel free to ask anytime anywhere. You know how to get to me 🙂


Update 24.06.2020 GTB 2020 verschoben

GTB 2020 is postponed to 2021 (September 11th/12th) due to Covid-restrictions

Everything else stays the same


Stay healthy!

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