We are proud to announce the 10th German Team Bowl (GTB). This team event will be a part of the German tournament series mainly set before the big team events (e.g. Eurobowl/World Cup)

In contrast to what the title says, we also invite every interested coach outside of Germany to participate. To be eligible for this team event you need three more coaches to form up a team of 4. There is no limitation to your local league or to your federal state to form your team so this means that even 4 individual players are eligible to take part as a performing team.

Team building

Your Team should consist of 4 coaches. We gladly encourage you to form your team out of your league or within your federal state. As mentioned above this is not mandatory and mixed teams or players outside Germany are more than welcome.

All teams of the current ruleset (BB2020) are permitted, also you can use the teams of the “Teams of Legend”-Document from GW. Daemons of Khorne and Slann can also be used according to the NAF Tournament clarifications. Please note that your team must choose 4 different races!

So now don’t hesitate and prove your team skills during the German Team Bowl 2024 at 31st August/1st September